Our virtual trip the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles has just been completed.  Some challenges were met, others not.  Their President is even over here for the Coronation.  He was interviewed by BBC’s Hardtalk programme apparently – due to be aired next week.  Look forward to watching that.  It looks a beautiful place and their flag must be one of the best. 


Using our imagination we dined on the deck overlooking the white sandy beach as the waves swept in. Margaret kindly prepared a taste of the Seychelles – king prawns with tamarind and coconut with Creole saffron rice.


Voices: Short Stories from the Seychelles by Glynn Burridge.  An enjoyable read with lots of pirates, coral, aeroplanes, boats, sharks and rays.  


The Seychelles aren’t known for their film industry but I did happen to discover that some of the film Thunderbirds was made there. Now if you’d have told me that Ben Kingsley stared in Thunderbirds I wouldn’t have believed you but he does and was actually very good.  The film bought back childhood memories of watching the TV series.

Highest Point

Morne Seychellois,  905 m (2,969 ft), is the highest peak in Seychelles.  It is located on the island of Mahé in the Morne Seychellois National Park.  It may not be that high but it sounds a devil to get up.  I read these two accounts by Eric Gilbertson and  Lee Humphries  and was left feeling exhausted!  Hats off to them.


Sandra Esparon – A bit poppy but she sounds very Seychellois  and seemed to bring the island vibe into the house.


There are no railways in the Seychelles so had to improvise a bit a with a Seychelles flag painted on concept train, a picture of a train on a Seychelles stamp and a British steam train called Seychelles.


Whoever would have known that someone from the Seychelles played in the Premier League, admittedly only one game for Fulham.  Kevin Betsy had a long career playing and coaching in Britain.   


Some bargain Seychelles 1970s first day covers depicted colourful island scenes.


Puzzle Geocache ‘Seychelles – La Digue – Anse Source d’Argent’ was easy enough solve but looks to be a bit of a scramble to collect it.

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