Cardiff Adventures

Walks and other outings in and around Cardiff itself.

I find I don’t have to go miles away to get an adventure.  Just going for a walk in my own city can bring all sorts of insights.  This page will group together a few of these.

Cardiff Boundary Walk

Time for another lockdown project.  The rule here in Cardiff is that we have to stay within the county.  It was the first time for many that they realised that Cardiff was itself a county and we were left jealous of those in Dyfed and Powys that had hundreds of square miles of countryside in which to wander.  I thought I would start to explore the county boundary more closely.  My plan was to make short videos, splice them together, post them on YouTube, get millions of followers and retire.

Just a couple of problems arose.  The videos were rubbish. The editing software was beyond my comprehension.  And I forgot ………… I am retired.  Enormous credit to those who do make videos – I admire you even more now than I used to!  Instead, here are some stills.

It took me 18 separate walks to complete my walk around Cardiff.  I found lots of places I’d never visited, lots of contracting scenery, some bits of history and above all had a good time. Here’s a link to my Cardiff Boundary Walk adventures.

Walking Cardiff

Walking Cardiff – following a series of walks from the book Walking Cardiff by Peter Finch